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iSimulate for iPhone Developers

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Developing an iPhone app is not hard as long as you know coding. But it can be time consuming. You also need to make sure you test your app and create promotional material to distribute and let more people know about your work. iSimulate can help. It is an awesome app that allows app developers to send multitouch events, the accelerometer data, the GPS location and more to the iPhone Simulator.

The iPhone Simulator should not be new to experienced app developers. It is quite handy but does have some shortcomings. Thanks to iSimulate, you can now create amazing trailers for your application that paint a complete picture of what your product offers. iSimulate lets you record videos of your accelerometer, compass, multitouch-enabled apps. You will be able to test your apps across different iOS versions.


Let’s not forget that you really need to be a developer to get value out of this application. The idea is quite awesome though. Developers use can this application to send multitouch events, accelerometer data, and other information to the iPhone Simulator. It simply makes their lives easier.

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