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With students going back to school, they better be ready for some of those science topics. Every student needs to know a bit of science. That applies to chemistry too (whether you hate it is another story). Some students may find chemistry difficult to master. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun apps available in iTunes that can help with that. Chem Pro is a chemistry app that covers plenty of lessons and tools to give students a better opportunity to master this topic.

Chem Pro has tens of videos on general chemistry that walk you through the topics you need to master to pass those chemistry exams with flying colors. The app does show you how to solve certain chemistry problems. Practice these lessons enough times, and you should be fine in those chemistry exams.

At the very least, Chem Pro can help you gain a better understanding of the topics your class has just covered. This application does have a flash card feature just in case you have trouble memorizing formulas and symbols more effectively.

Chem Pro would not be complete without calculators. It does have a molar mass calculator and a unit converter to help students tackle those chemistry problems in an easier fashion. While you don’t want to use these tools all the time (just to get the practice), they can save you some time with your calculations.

If Chemistry is not your cup of tea or you have had trouble mastering it in the past, Chem Pro can be very useful. It’d be nice if social features are introduced in the future though.


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