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Foodish for iPhone

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Many folks struggle to lose the extra weight they have been carrying for years. Losing weight is not always as easy as what you see in reality shows on TV. You need to have the right support system behind you and exercise often. Eating right is a very good idea too. Some of us don’t even realize what we are putting in our body on a daily basis. Tracking what you eat on a daily basis can give you a better idea on the steps you need to take to lose the weight and become healthy.

Foodish for iPhone is an attractive tool that helps you keep track of the meals you are having each day. You can log the meals and drinks you are having and get a better understanding of what could be keeping you from achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.

Foodish for iPhone is not your average food logger though. It gives you an elegant way to enter your meals, snacks, and drinks. Just enter your food information and snap a picture to record each entry. Foodish gives you a daily/weekly overview of what you have put in your body just in case you can’t recall everything.

Foodish for iPhone is a food logger on steroids. It keeps track of the meals and drinks you are having and can keep you honest. It is social media friendly too. What’s not to like?

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