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Many people have trouble losing weight no matter how they approach their diet and fitness. Some manage to lose their weight only to get back a whole lot more in a short period of time. In order to lose the extra weight and keep it off, you will need a goal and a way to keep track of your progress towards reaching that goal. Tracknburn is a fitness application that helps you set up goals and go for them.

Tracknburn takes the guesswork out of the equation. It automatically calculates your BMR and shows you how much calorie you need to consume on a daily basis to stay on the right track. It also tracks what you eat and your exercise sessions too.

If you intend to lose some weight, chances are you know how many pounds you want to lose. This application can come up with a plan according to your goal. Tracknburn does keep track of your workouts and adds the extra calories back to your budget.

Tracknburn not only monitors the amount of weight one has lost or gained, it changes its daily calories plan to help users avoid hitting a plateau with their weight loss efforts. It does have a food database to help you eat in a more healthy fashion. CSV export feature is a plus.

Tracknburn may not lose your weight for you, but it can help you set up goals, track your progress, and adopt a more healthy lifestyle. Nice companion app for anyone hoping to lose some extra weight.

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