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How Drunk

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Driving under influence can lead to serious troubles for those who are caught. It is quite dangerous for others too. Sometimes people get caught for DUI because they assume they are sober enough to drive. That excuse won’t work when you are arrested though. If you have had trouble staying sober in social settings in the past, How Drunk for iPhone is a useful tool to have. It shows you when you are getting close to the legal driving limit and keeps you out of trouble.

How Drunk is so easy to use even a caveman can use it. It has a good selection of drinks for you to choose from. As you add your drinks, this app analyzes your intake and shows you whether you are OK to drive. The algorithm even shows you when you are sober. Drinking in bottles instead of glasses? “How Drunk?” still has you covered.

How Drunk is good looking and fairly accurate as long as you are honest when entering what you are having. This tool keeps your session alive even if you close it. You don’t want to go overboard with it but does give you an idea whether you are sober enough to drive.

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