5 iPhone Apps That Help You Sleep Better

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Not everyone is lucky to get enough sleep each and every night. Some of us have managed to mess up our sleep cycles over time. The good news is you can always get back on track with the some effort. Here are 5 iPhone apps that could help you sleep better:

MotionX Sleep: this awesome app monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you up when the time is right. It visualizes your sleep data too.

SleepStream 2 Pro: this app is developed for those of you who have trouble getting proper sleep every night. It has hours of music and 51 brain programs to put you in the right mood.

Smart Alarm: a pretty smart alarm clock for iPhone. It uses STrack 2.0 algorithm to monitor and register your sleep cycles. It will wake you up at the right time. You can use your own audio to wake up.

Absalt EasyWakeup Classic: another pretty reliable alarm clock and sleep aid tool for iPhone. Just place your device with this app installed on it near you and the rest is easy.

Sleep+: It has a bunch of tunes that are more than capable of relaxing your mind and getting you ready for some deep sleep. These may prove useful for meditation too.

The above apps can’t do miracles. But they give you a better chance to get a handle on your sleep patterns.

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