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SkyWorks is one of the top game developers for the iPhone platform. It’s PingPong and HorseShoe games are legendary as they are very addictive and fun. Goooal! the latest smash hit by SkyWorks that is designed to help you test your penalty kick skills and challenge yourself against your friends or challenging computer keeper. And of course, if you feel you are better at hitting specific targets, you are going to get your chance in the arcade mode.

Goooal! is one of those games that is very deceptive in a sense that you feel you are getting a handle of it, and the computer pulls the rug from under you. When I tested this game, I was hitting my shots very easily. But the keeper gets stronger as you go along, and tough shots become tougher to make. That’s by no accident. The game is designed to challenge you even more as you get better. So don’t settle for one or two shots. Make sure you master the art of kicking and stay unpredictable to make it longer (in progressive mode).


The progressive mode is all about hitting those targets. If you put a few streak together, you get even more shots. You also get an extra shot for making 3, 5, or 10 in a row. Hit these marks and the target, and you get more additional shots. You also earn badges for doing special moves (e.g. Eart the Dirt). The graphics are well designed and the game play is fun and addictive. If you are a soccer lover or just looking for an addictive game, you are going to love Goooal! Not only you get to challenge the goal keeper and hit those difficult targets, but you also compete against a global community of iPhone owners who play this game. I don’t know about you, but I won’t stop playing until I have the best record!

Verdict: A

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