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You don’t need a super IDE to start developing your very own iPhone application. Knowing a bit about design and having an idea can make your life easier. Thanks to apps such as Developer Toy, you are always a few taps away from bringing your app idea to life (at least in form of a mock-up).

Developer Toy is designed specifically for those of you who want to have a decent mock-up ready for your app idea. Its graphical interface makes it easy to add components to your app canvas and add the appropriate functionality to your mockup.

Adding search bars, sliders, and even an activity controller to your app can be done easily using Developer Toy. Once you have added certain components to your mock-up canvas, you can customize their behavior to get the effects and actions you are looking for.

Developer Toy does support actions for your design elements. Having an idea and some experience with app development would not be too bad. Once you have gotten the design you are looking for with Developer Toy, you can export your project to Xcode to further customize your application. Code can be sent via e-mail and over WiFi.

To sum things up, Developer Toy is one of the most exciting mock-up apps we have tested on iPhone. It is very well-designed and has a ton of options. If you are a developer or want to get your feet wet with iPhone app development, this app is a toy you should not be without.

Rating: 9/10

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