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0.03 Seconds

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You don’t need the best graphics or super complicated games to hit the top sellers charts in iTunes with your game. All you need is a fun idea and a decent app that brings it to your audience. 0.03 Seconds is one of those addictive games that follows that very approach. It challenges your reaction time and pushes you to your limit with its curve-balls.

0.03 Seconds is not your average game. It has 8 killer stages and 3 levels to gauge your reaction time. The challenges in this app may look simple on paper, but they can be quite difficult to master, especially if you want the highest scores per each stage.

0.03 Seconds can be fun for players of all ages. It is pretty easy to get a handle on and very difficult to master. You could spend hours trying to get those perfect scores. It’s super addictive and quite a lot of fun to play anytime.

Rating: 8.8/10

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