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NoteCube for iPhone

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Your iPhone is powerful enough to help you manage your schedule, keep track of your ideas, and get your work done in a more productive fashion. You are just going to have to download the right apps to get the most out of your iPhone experience. NoteCube happens to be a handy note taking application with an easy-to-use design, so you can keep track of your ideas on your smartphone.


NoteCube lets you save text and photos on your device. It has two display methods. The Grid View gives you a visual view of your notes while the Timeline view looks simple and allows you to go through your notes one by one. The app does support Evernote backups, so you can store your important notes online.

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NoteCube is not the best note taking app we have tested but does have potential. It gives you multiple ways to view your notes but simple enough for most people to start using fast. Sets you back $0.99 at this time.

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