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Ab Randomizer for iPhone

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Building those killer abs is not as easy as some make it to be. You need to work out religiously and eat the right way to build a rock hard body. Keeping your body on its toes goes a long way towards helping you achieve maximum results from your workouts. Ab Randomizer is an awesome application that brings you a ton of workout combinations so your body never gets too comfortable.

The Ab Randomizer app has what you need to confuse your muscles to get the best results. These workouts strengthen your core and help you burn more calories. The programs are demonstrated by certified personal trainer Trish Blackwell. The videos and exercise explanations are great for newbies. You get a ton of workout combinations and plenty of tips. Nutrition tips to get 6 pack abs are included too.

Ab Randomizer for iPhone is very convenient to use. It creates a personalized workout for you in a flash. You can always hit the Spin Again button to get a different set of workouts. As long as you are willing to do the workouts and eat right, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to get results with this.

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