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Your iPhone is more than capable of acting as your alarm clock. You just need the right alarm clock app to get the most out of your smartphone. The If Alarm Clock is not your average clock app. It is a smart applications that lets you program your alarm to your heart’s content. It has enough programming options so you can use it to sleep better and get up at the right time.

The If Alarm Clock is weather aware. So you can use it to program your alarm according to the weather conditions in your area. It is aware of your sleep state too. It can detect whether you are in deep or light sleep phase and wakes you up at the right time. The Sleep Log page tracks how long you have slept and your sleep efficiency too.

The wealth of options available in this app are simply amazing. You can set your alarm so you wake up when:

  • a certain number of hours have passed
  • you have gotten a certain amount of sleep
  • the weather conditions meet the conditions you set
  • the temperature is at a certain degree
  • the wind speed and direction meet what you have set
  • someone tweets you

You can wake up to the sounds included or to the music on your iPod. Of course, we would love to get more alarm options. You do want to define a safe alarm just in case your conditions are never met. The alarm volume and snooze length can be modified too.

If Alarm Clock is one of the coolest alarm clock apps we have tested. It offers useful charts too. A simple alarm clock may not be able to handle your complicated life. The If Alarm Clock has the potential to do so. The app is not perfect. It did crash on us a couple of times. But the concept is quite exciting.

Rating: 9.1/10

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