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Cocoto For Kids

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Keeping yourself entertained with your iPhone may not be that hard. There are so many apps to choose from, and there is absolutely no way for anyone not to find a good app to play with on an iPhone. But entertaining a 3 year old kid with an iPhone is not that easy. There aren’t too many good apps around, so you are always going to struggle to find decent apps that your kids can enjoy playing with. Cocoto For Kids is a cool application designed to specifically do just that. It can help you keep your 3-6 year old kids entertained and help them learn new things in the process.

Your children will get 6 categories of games to choose from. Whether it’s painting a car or matching pairs, your kids will get a set of colorful and fun games to play with. The kids that I have shown this application to have not only enjoyed the games but also the music. So the app is very interactive and entertaining at the same time as far as the children are concerned.

Parents do get a set of controls to change the settings and keep track of their children’s progress. You can even share your kid’s statistics with other parents. Cocoto For Kids comes good design, creativity, and intuition to provide the maximum fun and the best learning experience for your young child. There are plenty of games to tackle and parents have plenty of control. All in all, Cocoto For Kids is a great tool to teach your children new things without boring them. An ace of an app.

Verdict: A

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