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Look again

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Your body is not the only thing that gets older. Your brain can become lazy and age over time, especially if you are not taking the steps necessary to keep it sharp. Tackling brain teasers can keep the brain sharp and ready to take on the world. Look again is a fast-paced pattern recognition application that will get your brain moving no matter how rusty it is.

If you have spent some time on the web (sites such as Facebook), you have probably seen those pattern recognition ads online. Look Again challenges your brain to identify shapes and patterns in a speedy fashion. This game provides you with a pattern including multiple shapes. You should identify all the shapes in given patterns before your time runs out. This may look simple on paper but the higher levels can be quite difficult.

Look Again has over 250 levels and can keep you going for quite some time. Due to its nature and what it makes your brain do, Look again can be extremely addictive. The puzzles are generated at random, making this game fresh at all times.

Look again won’t make you an Einstein. But it does get your brain moving. It has a clean interface and can be played by almost anyone. Just be careful when playing this game as it can kill hours of your time and get you addicted.

Which level did you find the most challenging? Please share.

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