3 Low-glycemic Diet Apps for iPhone

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Not all diets work for everyone. Maintaining a diet that you hate is not going to work out great in the long run. There are plenty of diets that could work as long as you stay on them and exercise often. The Low-glycemic Diet has gotten a lot of attention from folks who want to lose weight. Those following it might lose more fat than others who are on a high-glycemic diet. If you are planning to pursue this diet, you may want to give these 3 low GI diet apps a look:

low gi

Low GI Diet Tracker: helps manage your dietary glycemic index and load. It provides GI and GL values for nearly 8000 common foods.


Low-glycemic diet: lets you search for food items, see recently used products, add your own items, and track your measurements. Works without an internet connection.


Glyndex: it helps you find out the glycemic index of more than 950 food items. Its traffic light view gives you an idea when you should avoid a certain food. You can switch between Glyndex, Montignac and Custom settings for your traffic lights.

There are many claims about the Low-glycemic diet. We are not here to promote or debunk this diet. But if you are on it, the above apps could help you stay on the right track.

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