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Have you ever wanted to emulate your treadmill exercise without actually being on a treadmill? What if you could just run outside your home or in front of TV and track your every step. iTreadmill is a virtual treadmill that is designed to emulate a treadmill right on your iPhone. It uses accelerometer and advanced processing to get the job done. This is a hands free application that tracks your movement without needing too much interaction from your side. So in a sense, iTreadmill is a pedometer on steroids!

PocketStep is a wonderful technology that is used in this app to track your steps more accurately. I was skeptic when I heard about it at first. Every pedometer that I had tried prior to this app was someone inaccurate in counting my steps. But iTreadmill actually learns how you walk and run and gives you the most accurate information. If you want to lose weight by exercising more often, it is essential for you to be able to track your workout sessions, and iTreadmill provides you with the information you need to get more out of your running sessions. You can also track your past sessions to see whether you are making progress on a daily basis (see image below).


The Dial Pacer is fun too as it keeps you on the proper pace. You can also pause and resume your workout, which is especially handy as it’s all done automatically. All in all, iTreadmill has the most impressive set of features among pedometer applications for iPhone. It lets you run in front of a TV or outside your house and pretend you are on a treadmill. It tracks your movement and helps you stay on the right track too. With all the information that you get from this app, there is no reason you can’t lose weight by using your virtual treadmill!

Verdict: A+

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