25 Educational iPhone Apps To Learn From

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Many of us use our iPhones to kill time by watching entertaining videos or playing games. But there are iPhone apps that can actually teach you useful things. Here are 25 educational iPhone apps you can learn things from:

Star Walk: teaches you a thing or two about our sky. You can use it to track stars or satellites. It offers augmented reality stargazing.

Mathemagics: have you ever wanted to be able to calculate divisions, multiplications, and other math problems fast in your head? This app teaches you how.

Pocket First Aid: knowing what to do in emergency situations is a great advantage to have. This application can teach you how to save lives.

How To Cook Everything: includes 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations to show you how to properly cook things.

Asian Market Shopper: want to cook your own Asian food but don’t know where to start? Maybe you don’t have the right ingredients? Whichever the case, this tool gets you out of trouble.

TED for iPhone: does not need any introduction. It contains videos from some of the most fascinating people.

Solar Walk: interested in exploring our solar system in 3D? This application has you covered. It covers general info, name, mass, radius, and more information on these objects.

Algebra Touch: a dynamic application that can help you get a crash course in Algebra in case you have forgotten it.

Wolfram Alpha Calculus: if you are taking advanced Calculus, this app teaches you how to tackle more complicated concepts in your course.

Fractions App for iPhone: know someone who has trouble mastering the art of dealing with fractions? This app has you covered.

Learn Chess: would like to play Chess with others but don’t know how to. This application teaches you the basics.

How to draw: a cool little application that teaches you how to draw all kinds of things right on your phone.

Vocabology for iPhone: a fun little app that allows you build up your vocabulary step-by-step over time.

iStart Spanish!: new to the Spanish language? This app can help you get started with this language more conveniently.

Human Japanese: one of the best apps to teach Japaneses with. It provides you with a deeper understanding of the language.

Urban Dictionary: it covers a ton of words and phrases that you may find yourself dealing with on a daily basis.

Driver’s Ed: need to prepare for your DMV permit test quickly? This application covers all the states. It has hundreds of questions for you to test yourself with.

On This Day: teaches you the historical significance of each day on your calendar. Covers events, birth, and death dates.

Molecules for iPhone: a useful tool for those of you taking a Chemistry class. It helps you visualize molecules and interact with them on your phone.

SpaceTime for iPhone: a graphing calculator that is perfect for students taking science or math courses in college. Lets you tackle limits, derivatives, and …

Modern Weapons Sub-machine Guns: this is an encyclopedia of modern weapons perfect for those who are into guns.

KnittingHelp: contains over 150 videos to show you how to take your knitting game to the next level.

Arbor Day Tree Identification Guide: teaches you a step-by-step approach to identify more than 250 trees in the United States and Canada.

Pregnancy: are you planning to become pregnant or already are? This app has a ton of useful information to help you during this process.

Stack The States: geography not your thing? Still not able to identify certain states on a map? This app teaches you about the states in the U.S.

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